Monday, May 16, 2005


I'm sitting here at school waiting to receive my grade on the last test before my final. I'm a little concerned so I thought I would write a blog about the amazing blessings going on in my life. First, My Engagement is a huge blessing. John Mark is such a gift to me and I'm so blessed to be spending the rest of my life with him. Second, My awesome roommates who are putting up with this in love psycho who's almost done with her first semester of nursing school. They are handling me very well.Also my Awesome family who is basically planning my wedding since I'm tied up with school (Doing an awesome job!!!) Third, Nursing School Although its been very difficult I'm so happy to be in this program. Fourth, John Mark and I are in the process of possibly being given a house and we were given land. WOW!!!!! What a blessing!!!! Sometimes its so easy to panic about my day to day life, but when I reflect on how blessed I am it really helps me to realize that today itself is just another blessing. So enjoy today......Don't get so busy and tied up in the worry that you miss your incredible blessings