Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sweet Lilly

Lilly died yesterday at about 5:00 in the afternoon. I took Lilly to the vet yesterday morning and she seemed to be feeling well. I told her to hop in the car, that we had to go bye bye and she hopped in the backseat as she barked at the cows (something she never quiet got used to and definately never liked). We weekly took Lilly in to see if her packed cell count was getting higher it had began to decrease, so we had started her on a new medication I expected it to be much higher so I was surprised when the Dr. called and said that it had fallen even more, but I wasn't prepared for the next call. About 2 hours later he called and said that Lilly's nose had began to bleed from both nostrils. It was apparent to me that Lilly was about to start bleeding badly. John Mark and I came home and decided that it would be best for her if we let her die before she was in any pain, or having a lot of trouble breathing. It was terrible. It was so hard----I've never had to do this kind of thing before. My heart broke, and so did John Marks we loved Lilly and had worked so hard to keep her a live it seemed backwards to put her down before she was hurting. That is waht hurt so bad; she seemed to feel so well, and looked so good and healthy---like she was doing better. I know we did the right thing.....its just that the right thing just really sucks sometimes.

I just wanted to write a little update. Schools tomorrow and we both had class tonight so we are just getting home and now we are headed to bed. Hope everyone has a blessed day tomorrow

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pics of St Louis

St Louis

We had such a fun time in St. Louis this weekend . We were also very glad to get home. We went to watch the Cardinals play. It was a lot of fun. I had the great honor of going up in the magnificent St Louis Arch ------NEVER DO IT. IT was so scary. First, you have to wait forever just to get in, then much to my surprize they put you in this egg looking, hole of an elevator. NO WINDOWS, NO AIR CIRCULTION, AND EXTREMELY SMALL SPACE. For 5 minutes you undergo this ride to the top of the arch. Once you get up your so scared all you want to do is get back down, which means of course that you must get back in the "egg". Kelley and I wanted to take stairs (100 and something flights") we couldn't so back in the egg we went.It was so scary. Besides that and ending up in Illinois (on accident) it was a lot of fun. Houston and Kelley are going to get married very soon, and thats very good. It's so funny being around "soon to be " married people-----they're so weird haha. Anyways, we had a blast.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD------------YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!