Sunday, September 18, 2005

This is my soon-to be neice Haven a.k.a The Flower Girl. She's precious, and I have so much fun with here. Hopefully we will have a little girl as sweet as her. While I was sticking other photos on here I saw this one and thought it definately needed to be on "the grand blog".

Jada and I last Halloween

I realized some of you guys have never seen pictures of my roommates/best friends so I thought it was time to post pics of them. Of course the guys don't live with us (just across the street). I'm so blessed to have Jodi and Jada they are more like close sisters than anything.
Please pray for me big test tomorrow......

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tribute to Jenn

Well today has been uneventful. I've actually been sick, so I slept until 2:30 this afternoon. I never do that, but I really haven't been feeling good. Anyways, it's been a great week. We added another addition to our family. Sophia Rose Brewer was born super early on Wednesday morning . Although I haven't been able to see her in person yet I've seen pictures and she's beautiful. I love the chunky cheeks. I went to Mena this weekend with great hopes that she would choose to come then, although she didn't I had fun seeing her room and hanging out with Jenn a bit. Jenn decorated her room sooooo cute. I loved it. Jenn is going to make an excellent mom she's so sweet and soft spoken. Sophie is very lucky. Jenn's been an excellent example of how life should go, and how prayer and seeking God is always the best way. I'm so excited to see how God is blessing her life. She's amazing!!!!!