Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changes Changes Changes

We are a busy household lately. Most of you know me and know that we have been excited about the month of March and not because its our birthday month, but because we were planning on putting our house on the market. Well we did indeed list, but decided for a host of reasons leasing our home was a better fit for now for us.

I'm a stresser. I worry and fret about everything, but I have prayed hard about all this that God would bring everything about in perfect timing and I have had a lot of peace about everything. We found a house almost immediately. Its much closer to JM's work, larger which gives us a lot of growing room, and very nice, AND in our price range. We fell in love. So we started praying hard that we could find good lessors, we ended up making an offer before signing a lease, but the next day some super sweet girls looked at our home and definitely wanted to lease it from us. I know these girls and they are AMAZING girls and I'm so excited to have them as renters.

I didn't expect to get emotional over moving but I have. Roman has a mural in his room that Nana painted for him and the girls mentioned painting the room, of course, thats fine with me but I told them they had to do it. I just couldn't and as I was telling them I felt like my throat was swelling and I wanted to cry. This home has the most special memories. We were just newlywed when we built it and didn't have a clue what we were doing : ) We have accomplished and lived so much in this home. We've made babies in this home, I told JM I was pregnant all four sweet times in this living room, most important and special we've brought home both of our sweet babies to this house. This is our home, it feels like home, it smells like home, and it will be weird to make home somewhere else.

That being said I have much more emotion than I thought I would, but I'm so excited about our move. A new home, new design, and fresh start and clean slate. I'm excited to be so much closer to so many friends, most importantly closer to JM work therefore seeing him much more. It's going to be great!!!

That is why we have been so busy a lot has happened in 18 days : ) Our offer on this house was accepted and we will hope to close on or if we are really lucky a few days before April 30th. Please pray everything goes smoothly and there are no kinks.

Here is a picture of our new house aka Ro Ro's bunny rabbit house ( A bunny currently lives in the backyard). Roman today was talking about sleeping in his bunny rabbit house, I just hope that bunny will like Zeus and Midas...I'm thinking not : )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Roman 2 years 8 months

Roman Carter you are getting so big. You are a TALKER!!! You never stop and none of us know where you get that from : ) Every stage of your life has been my favorite, but I'm having a lot of fun in this stage. You are growing so much so quickly which is a little sad, but talking to you and having you talk back is so mucg fun. I can see you figuring things out moment by moment. What I mean by that is for example, the other day we met your dad for lunch and you put on his badge. You were sitting there looking at his picture and back at him and back at the picture. You kept saying "Walmart", John Mark explained that he worked at Wal-Mart. It was like we could literally see a light bulb go off. So now EVERYTIME you see the Walmart flower design you say " Wal-mart, daddy's work."

You LOVE Ice Age the movie and have learned how to work the DVR you have a favorite part and you rewind it and rewind it and rewind it. It's cute seeing someone so young work the remote : ) Its funny to because you know commercials and movies by heart. The other day the Kay jeweler commercial came on and you sang " Every kiss begins with K." Or you will say "Don't get mad, get glad".

You are very in tune with your emotions along with everyone else's. Today I was getting on to you and you said, "Momma happy." It worked I cracked up.

You are so sweet and such a genuine kid. You are so kind to your sissy. You love to kiss on her and talk to her. You help me out all the time. You'll throw a diaper away, give Avery a paci, talk to her when she's upset and this week you even fed her...ha. I hadn't planned that, but when I got up to go get something I turned around and you were feeding her. I had to take a picture so you did it for a minute or two : )

Nothing is secret anymore around you. If you or someone else toots you let the whole room know. You think its so cool (thanks to your dad). You sing ALL the time, and this week we learned if we want you to eat we have to sing, "if your happy and you know it eat your sandwich" and you grab it and take a bite, so needless to say we've been doing a lot of singing.

you love to pray and your favorite part is saying AMEN. You love it!! It's so sweet.

I could go on and on with cute and funny things. Mostly I hope you know how much joy you bring to my life you are so sweet and I love you so much.


This I never want to forget! The way you look when you sleep and everytime you just wake up you rub your eyes and shake a little. Its so sweet!!

Avery Claire 6 Months

Mini photo shoot with Ave

We have been so incredibly busy around here and I'm ashamed to be so late do my monthly "updates" on the kids. I will share more on our crazy life later, but for now check out Miss Avery at 6 months.


This month has been WONDERFUL!! You have always had a personality and I wouldn't want to make it sound otherwise, but this month you have really become more independent and so happy. When you were a month old we were in Hobby Lobby and all I wanted to do was look at the fabric. You screamed bloody murder the WHOLE time and Roman was frustrated and let me know about it the entire time we were in there. When I got to the register I must have looked so frazzled and I wanted to cry. Honestly I wanted to leave you both there...ha. Not really, but I was so completely overwhelmed I thought I could burst out in tears. Anyways, this sweet lady came over to me and put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Sweetie just get her to 6 month, everything changes at 6 months." Well secretly I have thought about that ALOT over the last few months, and you know what she was right. 6 months is THE month ; )

You are very happy and most of the time very content. In fact its usually just when you are sleepy and hungry that you fuss. You are eating everything. Your favorite food is applesauce and sweet potatoes and I mix them together a lot and you love love love them.

I've been trying to wean you but it has been with no luck...ha. I don't have the heart to let you cry and get really hungry so you'll take a bottle so....we haven't had much luck with that. At first i thought you just didn't like the bottle, but after putting juice in it and seeing you suck it down I concluded you HATE formula. Oh well, we'll get there it just won't happen overnight like I was hoping.

I took you to your 6 month checkup 2 weeks ago and you are 20 pounds and 27 inches long. I think you are going to be tall ; )

Some little facts about you now are--

You have two bottom teeth. They are so cute and I love seeing them when you flash your cheesy grin

You can roll over from your stomach to your back super easily. The last two days you have rolled from your back to your stomach, but you haven't figured it out as well yet. Soon you will be scooting around. I hope you do the worm/army crawl--I love that!!!

You wear mostly 12 month clothes

You wear size 4 diapers

You're simply precious and absolutely gorgeous. You are so fun. You bless our life so much. You daddy and brother adore you. The other day we were in Gabriella's ( a mexican restraunt in our town) and the man next to us was eating and talking to his wife and you kept smiling at him, but he wasn't looking at you so you started making this loud grunting noise (and you never took your eyes off him), when he finally looked at you you smiled really big. Cracked us all up. When he looked away you would start the noise again. It was so funny. Daddy and I always laugh about how detremined you are. You can't be distracted when we take something away you will bend and contort to all kinds of uncomfortable to find it again. You're a girl who knows what she wants, and honestly thats a good way to be, it just might make daddy and I crazy...ha.

This next month of life is going to be crazy, but you will do just fine.

I love you Avery Claire and can't believe in 6 short months you will be ONE. Time flies when your having fun and I'm certainly having fun with you.


Adoring daddy

Helping mommy sew and modeling your new dress!!!

Finally just day to day!!