Tuesday, May 20, 2014

To Homeschool or Not...that is the question.

We are almost finished building our home and I've thought to myself several times (by several I mean a thousand), "what in the world will I think about when this house is built"? It has consumed my mind since The very beginning. Pinterest has been my best friend and together we have built a beautiful home...ha...with the help of the hubs and the builder of course. We can't wait to be there and  I have so many hopes and dreams for that place.

As if on cue, at the end of a major project, my mind is heavily rethinking and pondering the idea of plunging into the world of homeschool next year. I swear its because I had no idea what I would be thinking about. HA! Well all I can say is this time I'm not pregnant.We do seem to hop from one "big" project to the next.  This isn't completely a new idea. Last year we visited it pretty hard but fortunately we were able to sell or house and get Roman into a much better school district and this year has been wonderful. I have no complaints over his education. He adjusted wonderfully, had a great teacher, and has made good friends. He's involved in sports and dad coaches we have had a great year.  My point in saying all that is, a bad year has not led me back here. It's simply a desire that began stirring last year and has continued to grow. 

If you would have told me that I would have considering home school 2 years ago I would have said, "no way" yet here I am. I don't just want to consider it  I already feel 
committed to it. I desperately want to do it but I'm so afraid I will fail at it. I was telling JM tonight that I know I'm a romantic, I always see thing through rose colored glasses. I always want/expect things to go perfectly and I'm really upset when they don't. I don't always think its a bad thing but its often not my best asset. I read blogs of families who home school some say they were hesitant to start but that it has changed their lives for the better and that now they cant imagine doing anything different. That's what I want to look back and say!

What really is motivating me:

I miss my kid. This may sound selfish and probably is but our morning starts at 6. we rush to make it to school by 715 then he's gone until I pick him up at 230. We get home around 3. He's tired and ready for his "alone time". Before we know its dinner then bed and i haven't had much time and certainly not much quality time with him in 5 days.

I feel like of the 8 hours he's at school he's really doing about 3 hours of school. Judging by the amount of "busy" work and movies they watch I feel pretty confident saying that.

I dont like or agree with the new common core curriculum...cue lots of debate : )  I know everyone has an opinion on this. Its not for me.

I like the ability to go on our own schedule. Encourage learning by having the time to dive into things that really interest him. Time to be hands on.

I want to be have more control over what my son leans socially. Right now my kid loves playing legos, talking Minecraft, and being a boy. We haven't had one disciplinary problem this year. Thankfully we haven't even had to discuss a bad word he's learned at school. Again, not coming to this because of bad experiences, but that times coming. I know that because I see it, I have friends who have children a little older than mine.For example, I want to decide when I want to discuss sex, how I want to explain. The "worldview"isn't my view and isn't what I want my son to be submerged in. I want him to have a high respect for woman (this is not a cultural thing today). I'm not going to put him in a box or shield from all that's out there, but I sure will shelter him appropriately and I can do that so much easier in my own home.

He's a boy and I want it to be ok to act like one. Boys love wrestling, cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. Is it indicative of a boy whos going to turn killer?? No!  its called being a boy. In 8 hours they have 30 minutes of play and this may or may not include their eating time. Roman was sent home with a bad behavior card last year because when he dropped his pencil he rolled on the floor to pick it up. Seriously, maybe explain that it would be better just to grab the pencil and get back in your seat. Rolling on the floor is disruptive, absolutely, but bad behavior. For real...he's a boy. Society has gone bonkers. Now a young boy can get suspended for making a gun with their hands or heaven forbid biting a gun shape into his sandwich. Are you kidding me?!

There is the issue of safety...just watch the news.

As far as my concern about being socially awkward. I don't buy into this "theory". My husband was home schooled. He's definitely not awkward, he has a very successful career, one that requires tons of social ability and he handles it amazingly. oddly enough, even though i wasn't home schooled, most of the people I surround myself around on a daily basis were and not one is socially awkward at all.

These are a few of my reasons. I could list many more. My biggest concern....My ability to balance it all.

Maybe I have found something to use my blog for....maybe : )


P.S. If you are reading this thinking this girl should not teach her children look at all these grammar and punctuation mistakes....1. You have a point...Ha! 2. I'm holding a baby which is equivalent to an alligator these days so have a little grace : )