Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bikes, Blues and BBQ

Well this weekend was bikes blues and bbq in Fayetteville. The town definitely fills up when 350,000 bikes come into town. We didn't join in any of the festivities except the parade. We took Roman to watch the bikes in the parade. He was not a big fan, but I sure enjoyed it. I wanted to dress him the part in leather and a I love Mom tattoo, but we had to settle for this. He was cute. Anyways, enjoy the pics.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of blogs. I've had a bit of writers block mixed with apathy. I'll try to do better posting pics at least.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

As I promised I am writing to say that Jaclyn is having a baby BOY!!!! Man am I excited. It brought back sweet memories watching them squeeze that warm jelly on her slightly rounded baby. then all of the sudden a baby appears on the screen. Just incredible. Sometimes its hard to believe thereis a baby in there then there it is. Living proof. I was so honored to be there. My little boy got a little antsy so it was hard for me to just sit back and watch, but what I saw was really sweet. So Mr. Ike we can't wait to see you, hold you and spoil your sweet little bottom to pieces. You're one loved little dude!!!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bath time is the best time

Roman LOVES baths. He goes crazy when he's in one and no one and nothing stays dry for long. Everytime we would get him out he would get real upset so John Mark started draining the water while Roman was still in and they sit there and wave bye bye to the bath and now its no big deal getting out. Kuddos John Mark.
Speaking of John Mark he's is sick now, but being the resposible worker that he is he went to work and school (which is where he is right now). I'm hoping he doesn't get what Roman had, but he's had fever today. We'll see when he get home how he's feeling.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow I'm headed to Fort Smith with Jaclyn to see if she's having a boy or girl . I'm going with boy -I will update when I get home tomorrow.

Well here are some pics from bath time tonight.

Roman loves giving kisses (most of the time).Yesterday John Mark gave me a kiss while we were sitting on the couch. Roman smiled really big so He pulled him on the couch with us. When John Mark kissed me Roman would lean in for a kiss too. it was cute. We tried to get a picture, but they were all blurry. This isn't a great picture, but it makes the point. instead of a group hug we here at the Laney's have a group kiss ; )

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for your advice. I took him to see Dr. Jackson about his rash. Apparently this fever then a subsequent rash is going around. So hopefully none of your kiddos get it. Anyways, when I was there I asked him about the head banging and his advice mirrored all of yours. He said its common and that letting him do it is the only thing you can do. Paying any attention to it would just encourage it. So basically I don't see it. He's still doing it, but hopefully he will quit it soon. Thanks again for the advice though.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cows say MOO

Roman started mooing at the cows this week. When he sees the cows he lets out a moo. Seriously it doesn't get much cuter.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mom Advice Everybody

Ok its 12:30 at night and I'm sitting here listening to my son scream in his bed. We've been at it for almost 2 hours. I've taken him out put him in bed with me, played with him in the living room, rocked him , and nothing seems to be soothing him. He's not happy unless he's playing in the living room. What do you do? He's been sick for the past two days. yesterday he was running 101.7 temp, and today he broke out in a rash. I called the peds clinic, but they assured me it was just a virus, and that it would clear up, but I hate seeing him miserable.

Anyways, thats not the point of this post. i'm actually concerned about some other things. When Roman is frustrated at all he beats his head on something. The floor,table, entertainment center. Just whatever is close. Tonite I was getting on to him because he was starting to throw a fit and he walked over to the entertainment center and banged his head. It hurt bad and started to bruise. What should I do? Has anyone else had this happen with their kid?

I know we have to discipline him, but everytime we so much as say something he doesn't like he bangs his head. I'm starting to worry about his head or if something is wrong. Any and all advice would be great.

Fun Weekend

We had a great long weekend. John Mark would say it was very productive, and that it was. On Sunday we went to the Arkansas Naturals game with Jodi and there we met up with my aunt Lisa, Uncle Keith, and my cousins. That was the best part. We rarely see family in Mena, but when we do its a big treat. Roman loves his cousin Sophie and had fun trying to hug and kiss Gracie.
Roman wasn't a fan of the fireworks. He looks scared doesn't he?

Jac, I had fun talking to you and would love it if you would come stay with me for a few days. Jac is going to be having a baby in January and I'm so excited to see what its going to be. I will be with her when she finds out next week. I thinks its a boy. You're going to be a fantastic mom. I love you.

On Monday we spent a few hours with some friends swimming and eating good food. When I moved to Fayetteville and moved in with a stranger I had no idea how her presence in my life would totally change it. Jodi is my best friend, she introduced me to my husband, and I consider her family mine. What a blessing you all are to me and my life.

anyways, no idea where the sap came from but here are some pics from our weekend

P.S. Bops and Nana come home our little area of the world isn't as fun when you guys are gone so COME HOME!!!!

Governor Sarah Palin

I typed this long blog and then decided just to encourage you to watch for yourself. If you missed the speech by Gov. Sarah Palin last night at the RNC you simply must google it and hear it for yourself. She did a fabulous job--I couldn't be more excited about our future vice president. McCain did a great job picking her to be his running mate. Please check it out.