Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fun Weekend

We had a great long weekend. John Mark would say it was very productive, and that it was. On Sunday we went to the Arkansas Naturals game with Jodi and there we met up with my aunt Lisa, Uncle Keith, and my cousins. That was the best part. We rarely see family in Mena, but when we do its a big treat. Roman loves his cousin Sophie and had fun trying to hug and kiss Gracie.
Roman wasn't a fan of the fireworks. He looks scared doesn't he?

Jac, I had fun talking to you and would love it if you would come stay with me for a few days. Jac is going to be having a baby in January and I'm so excited to see what its going to be. I will be with her when she finds out next week. I thinks its a boy. You're going to be a fantastic mom. I love you.

On Monday we spent a few hours with some friends swimming and eating good food. When I moved to Fayetteville and moved in with a stranger I had no idea how her presence in my life would totally change it. Jodi is my best friend, she introduced me to my husband, and I consider her family mine. What a blessing you all are to me and my life.

anyways, no idea where the sap came from but here are some pics from our weekend

P.S. Bops and Nana come home our little area of the world isn't as fun when you guys are gone so COME HOME!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you and R in the pool? But I'm confused about the baby in the ladybug floaty. Who is that? It sounds (and looks) like a wonderful weekend. xoxo Mom

Jennifer said...

we had a lot of fun with you guys too. i also think i'm having a new nephew. we shall see next week! :)

love you all, jen

ps- i think you are super blessed to have jodi & her fam in your life. it's so cool how God puts people together!

Anonymous said...

Steph your so sweet! I remember meeting you at Applebees for dinner for the first time! Mom and dad thought I was crazy for telling you that you could move in at our first meeting... Im so glad I didnt listen to them...haha! Love ya bunches! Can you email mom the pic of me and Roman... good pic with my no teeth showing grin and all=) Jodi

Kara said...

i agree...we love the postcards...but WE MISS YOU!!!!

Jaclyn said...

I had a blast with you guys too! I got to come back and brag to everyone about playing with Ro! He's sooooooooo sweet and getting so big! I agree that we need to get together soon... and I can't wait to see you Tuesday!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, as soon as we met you we knew Jodi had made a good decision! Thanks, you are family to us, too.