Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm back

Wow-It's like I have days when I think I should blog and then I never do it, but I spent the last 1/2 hour reading blogs so I thought I should update my blog. I just finished reading my brother Chris' blog and I was reminded at how blessed I am to have him as a brother. He is amazing. He seeks the Lord diligently and has truly been shown amazing things. When I think of a meek person Christopher comes to my mind. He is in Canada visiting our mom. I wish i could be there, but I think the time just him and her is very good. Christopher I the type of person that you can't help but love----Chris, your so dang loveable!! I hope he's having a great time in Canada. Well, life in Fayetteville is going well. I'm just getting over a horrible eye infection, but it's much better. Thank you Lord. School is out, so I preoccupy myself with work, wedding and house stuff. Life's busy, but I'm loving it. Unfortunately those around me have been experiencing the irritable side of Stephanie (especially JM) . I have so many reasons to be blessed and still I spend time being frustrated. JM and i were talking about it today, and my goal of everday is to overlook that which I could make a big deal of and focus more on what makes me truly happy. I was listening to this lady speak, Karen Wheaton, and she was talking about how when our life is over that little dash -- between the year of birth and year of death is the time of our life. She was saying that little dash is just a dot on eternity and we don't have time to spend it being irritated, frustrated or mad. I thought that was very good point. Well it's late and i must go to bed. Goodnight