Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I want to type by my sweet boy is throwing pictures out of the drawer grrrr......... here are some pics. Check out my sweeeeeeettttt fence. Oh how I love having one. Roman is really wanting to take off walking....definately by his 1st birthday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She's Here

Proud Aunt and Uncle

The boys with their girl

Cambron--doesn't he look proud. When we left the hospital he had a big smile and said "I always wanted 12 brothers and sisters.

Holding Cambron's finger

....And Man is she Sweet. Miss Flowers decided to come a day early. She was born yesterday at around 8:30 pm. She weighs 7 pounds, and has round rosy cheeks. Kelley did terrific....loving her epidural. Man I love those things. I'm a huge advocate of them. Cambron is super excited and will probably be delirious today from his lack of sleep. He spent the night over here and we went to bed around 12, and I woke up at three and heard a ball hit the floor. I came into the living room and Cambron was playing. He looked at me and said, "Hey, why are your eyes so red." " "Um, maybe because its 3 in the morning." He's just too excited to go to sleep. He's asleep now and will be for awhile I'm sure. Here are some pictures of her pretty self and her adoring fans. They haven't nailed down a name yet, but I bet she has one when we get up there today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Behind lately

I've fallen behind lately with the blogging thing. It's hard to find a second to sit down and write, undisturbed that is. We've had a busy last few weeks. First, my sweet husband is putting in a privacy fence in the back yard. In order to save money he decided to install it himself. I was concerned since he has never done this sorta of thing before, but it looks great. I mean really good. I told him he should do it on the weekends...he laughed. Secondly, we bought a mini van, and I love it. My aunt said. " you have arrived." I sorta felt that way as I drove home from Springfield in my new Nissan Quest. I felt giddy and then a little embarrassed--was I really this excited about a van. Yes I was. There is so much room Roman dropped his bottle and it just rolled away. It's so roomy, and comfortable. All of Ro's stuff fits in there and there's still so much room. John Mark reminded me that when we got pregnant we were having a discussion about cars and I enthusiastically said I will NEVER drive a mini van. What can I say things change as your hoisting a 30 pound car seat into an SUV....that and everything else. I'm going to take some pics of it today and I'll post them, because I know you are dying to see it : ) Thirdly, we are trying to sell our Jeep Grand Cherokee so if your interested comment and I'll send you more info. With those exceptions life has just been busy with life things, work, school, and Roman. Here are some pictures from last Sunday. My brother in law, Micah, just bought a new camera and the pictures it takes are well, incredible. One of these days I want to invest in a great camera. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.