Sunday, April 23, 2006

This is all of us at the womens retreat... It was fun!!!!

The Haven Girl......

Sweet Cambron

John Mark was helpinh his sister Kelley move and Cambron was just hanging out with me . He was sitting at the bar and we were talking about how I needed to get ready for Jada's shower and how I had so much to get done today. A few second later Cambron said, " That's gross!" I said "what's gross?" Cambron said, "That you are going to watch Jada take a shower." Ha Ha

We're back....and in a new house

Yeah we are moved in, and we love it. It's beautiful and as soon as a get some good pics I will post them. I love being out here. Thanks to my parents we got all moved in yesterday and a lot of my hangings on the wall. They look great. Midas and Lilly love being outside. My sister-n-law and her son moved in today. Cambron, my nephew, played at our house a lot of the day. It is going to be fun having him so close.

The womens retreat was awesome we all learned so much. The lady who spoke was so gifted and God had given her so many amazing revelations of the Word. I look forwardto posting some of the things that she said that were very profound to me. I went looking for a refreshing "rain" and it was that. I need some healing in some areas of my life and God really spoke to me through the speaker regarding some of those things. It's going to take, but I feel like I'm off to a good start. I was extremely blessed.

Enjoy the pics and have a great day tomorrow

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Off to Branson

Well I'm off to Branson for a much anticipated weekend with the girls. We are going to a womens conference and off course do some shopping. John Mark, and my parents are moving us into our house Saturday. I didn't plan it that way, it just happen to fall on the same weekend. I will be here early enough Saturday to help out a bit----I hope. Well I hope everything is going well and everyone had a great Easter.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


This is our sweet nephew he turned five this week. I'm looking so forward to living right next to him. He and John Mark have big plans. It will be fun. We love you Cambron

Here is a recent picture of the house. They just put the railing around the porch today. It hasn't been painted yet, but I love it.

Life here at the Laney's

Hey everyone, I'm sorry my blogs are so sporadic we are so busy around here. Update on the house......We are moving in in two weeks, and we are so excited. It's looking great on the inside and out. I'm looking so forward to working onthe yard and making it look pretty-right now it looks like a construction site :) I'm looking so very forward to being there. Kelley, my sister-in-law, is moving right around then too it's going to be great.

School is going very well too. I was a little concerned b/c I was having problems , but i'm bringing my grade back up. I'm so glad that I was able to change schools I like it so much more. I have a very good time.

Anyways, besides school and the house and our two crazy dog (another great reason to get out of this apartment) there isn't a whole lot more going on. Hope everyone is having a great day :)