Monday, November 16, 2009

My kiddos this week

Avery and I went to Branson with my cousin Britt and Jac and baby Ike this weekend. It was great. I always have so much fun just visiting with them, but I also got a ton of shopping done which feels good. While i was gone Roman stayed with JM and they had a fun time they ate lots of pizza and played outside all day. They walked down to feed the ducks twice..ha ha. When I got home I had a camera full of pictures to look at thats where these cute ones of Roman came from. There was a huge bug on the side of our house and JM said Roman would work up the courage to touch it and then jump back, dance and let out a real nervous giggle and do it again. I wish i could have seen it. What a cutie. Oh and the pic of him covered in chocolate is what happens when you give a two year old a chocolate popsicle and sit down to nurse a baby--he painted himself in it. Oh well he was content and quiet ha ha. Is anybody else having a problem with the pictures uploading on here. When I upload them its just a bunch of letters on my screen so I can't write underneath them or put them in the order I want them...frustrating. If you know how to fix it let me know. Oh, and little Miss is a smiley kiddo these days. Precious absolutely precious...both of them. I'm one proud mama.

sorry for the random christmas tree photo in this post. Its the stupid uploader thing I was talking about : )

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree....

....Much joy you bring me!!!

I love christmas time and it is almost here. I have these visions of starting traditions with my kids especially one where we make homemade pizza, turn on a christmas movie, put up the tree and eat popcorn and drink hot cocoa. Unfortunately i get to excited and decide to put up the tree on a whim. So last week we pulled it all down from the attic and Ka Zam its up!!! I do love it. Right now I'm sitting in my living room and all the light is one small lamp and the twinkling of the christmas tree lights its so peaceful. So here are some pictures of my tree and my favorite ornaments.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family pictures

My sweet sister in law, Kara, snapped some shots of us last weekend on Old Main lawn. We were lucky to get a few pretty good ones. These days the Romeister isn't a fan of sitting anywhere especially when we tell him to ha ha

roman 28 months

Son you are 28 months today...crazy!!!! You are pure genius. You speak Spanish and Chinese...really. Well maybe not fluently, but you do speak to Dora and ni hao kai lan in their native tongue. It's great. You can count to 10 in Spanish and randomly say things in chinese. It's pretty least your mama thinks so.

You are changing so much. You are looking so much like a little boy and are really losing that baby face of yours. It makes me sad, but its also so fun to see watch you learn and experience so much around you. You have the kindest little heart. you love your animals and line them up on the floor over and over all day long. Its too cute. you love to walk down to Nana's pond and feed the ducks. You are a little country boy. Today we were walking down to feed the ducks and you saw the cows, you stopped and started mooing really loud at them. It was funny.

Your speach is getting much clearer and people are really starting to understand most of what you say. You know the entire alphabet, and most of your colors, you can identify a circle, square, triangle, star, and a heart. You LOVE to color and draw on your magna doodle. You have a new found love of Nemo (thank the Lord, i couldn't watch more Open Season or Madagascar). Your favorite show is Ni hao Kai lan on the Noggin channel. If we let you you would watch it all day long. Yesterday when we were in Walmart you wanted the Kai lan doll (your dad would have KILLED me if i bought it...ha), with a little distraction we got out without it.

You continue to show Avery so much love and I love seeing you love on her. You are the kissing monster. You always want to kiss her. Its precious.

You are a blessing Roman Carter blessing. I love you so much.

Avery 2 Months Old

Little Miss Sunshine you are 2 months and 12 days, eventually I may actually post on the actual day but its not likely ; ) You are growing like a weed. i took you to see Dr. Furlow for your two month doctor visit and you are 15 pounds even and 23 1/2 inches long that puts you in the 90th percentile on heighth and the 95th on weight. We also had the dreaded shots. it broke my heart but you were a trooper. You cried for a second but I gave you some sugar water and you were instantly fine. You had no fever or unpleasant effects actually you slept a lot that day...which was kinda nice : )

You are precious and the overall concensus is that you look like me and my side of the family in general. Everyone says you look like your Beppie (my mom), and her mom Mimi. Mimi is a twin so you have a lot of people claiming you as their look a like. So many people love you.

You are much more content this month. you haven't created a great sleep pattern yet, but you usually wake up around 7:30 in the morning and go down for a nap around 9. After that you have no pattern really for sleep until bedtime where you go to sleep around 9 ,sleep for 2 hours and then wake up to eat and then every two hours after that.

Your LOVE your bouncy seat and if we keep it bouncing you usually will fall asleep in it.You LOVE being outside, you just lay on the ground and kick your legs. Its so cute. You are starting to coo and talk to us and are always willing to flash a smile. You and the fan have a special relationship. It's very cute to watch you coo and smile at it.

You are in size 3 diapers ( we completely skipped 2's...ha ha). You wear 3-6 months clothes the best and you are not a shoe person..

All in all this has been a great month. We are getting more comfortable as a family of four. You are such a blessing to us. We love you so very much. Happy two months little girly.