Wednesday, November 11, 2009

roman 28 months

Son you are 28 months today...crazy!!!! You are pure genius. You speak Spanish and Chinese...really. Well maybe not fluently, but you do speak to Dora and ni hao kai lan in their native tongue. It's great. You can count to 10 in Spanish and randomly say things in chinese. It's pretty least your mama thinks so.

You are changing so much. You are looking so much like a little boy and are really losing that baby face of yours. It makes me sad, but its also so fun to see watch you learn and experience so much around you. You have the kindest little heart. you love your animals and line them up on the floor over and over all day long. Its too cute. you love to walk down to Nana's pond and feed the ducks. You are a little country boy. Today we were walking down to feed the ducks and you saw the cows, you stopped and started mooing really loud at them. It was funny.

Your speach is getting much clearer and people are really starting to understand most of what you say. You know the entire alphabet, and most of your colors, you can identify a circle, square, triangle, star, and a heart. You LOVE to color and draw on your magna doodle. You have a new found love of Nemo (thank the Lord, i couldn't watch more Open Season or Madagascar). Your favorite show is Ni hao Kai lan on the Noggin channel. If we let you you would watch it all day long. Yesterday when we were in Walmart you wanted the Kai lan doll (your dad would have KILLED me if i bought it...ha), with a little distraction we got out without it.

You continue to show Avery so much love and I love seeing you love on her. You are the kissing monster. You always want to kiss her. Its precious.

You are a blessing Roman Carter blessing. I love you so much.

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Beppie said...

That was so sweet. I love that you're capturing these things. I wish blogging had been around way back when you were little. I'd have tons of stories written down... I miss the little Roman so much. I love that first photo. He looks like a real farm boy there.

Give Roman a kiss and hug from Beppie.