Monday, September 08, 2008

Bath time is the best time

Roman LOVES baths. He goes crazy when he's in one and no one and nothing stays dry for long. Everytime we would get him out he would get real upset so John Mark started draining the water while Roman was still in and they sit there and wave bye bye to the bath and now its no big deal getting out. Kuddos John Mark.
Speaking of John Mark he's is sick now, but being the resposible worker that he is he went to work and school (which is where he is right now). I'm hoping he doesn't get what Roman had, but he's had fever today. We'll see when he get home how he's feeling.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow I'm headed to Fort Smith with Jaclyn to see if she's having a boy or girl . I'm going with boy -I will update when I get home tomorrow.

Well here are some pics from bath time tonight.

Roman loves giving kisses (most of the time).Yesterday John Mark gave me a kiss while we were sitting on the couch. Roman smiled really big so He pulled him on the couch with us. When John Mark kissed me Roman would lean in for a kiss too. it was cute. We tried to get a picture, but they were all blurry. This isn't a great picture, but it makes the point. instead of a group hug we here at the Laney's have a group kiss ; )


Anonymous said...

Little Man sure looks like his daddy in that first picture. He's a doll, manly doll, of course. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the Laney group kisses. So cute! :)


Kara said...


Kelley La-Flow said...

That is so cute and funny!! It;s funny to me that the bathtub that Roman is in was empty for the longest and now it hold a excited 14/15 month old child in it. It will be hard to part one day with the bathtub that held so many's retarded, I know, but, the bathtub seems a little happier:)