Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer Days

I'm not even going to say it. I know I do have real problems when it comes to consistency with updating my blog. I'm sorry. Today started out really busy, but it's slowed down a lot. This morning JM and I woke and had our engagement pics done, after that we went and put a deposit on our apartment, we got on the same cell phone plan and finally went and opened an account together. It was fun. Everything is going good. This weekend we went to Mena to visit. It was fun. Christopher is back from Canada and it was good to see him last weekend. His girlfriend Casey is an absolute delight and I think Chris is breaking her into the family well. It's really funny, because she's so quiet and my family isn't that at all. He's very sweet to her, and i love what he always has to say when she leaves. He talks about her with such admiration and respect for her. Well I guess I'll go. Talk to you later (maybe, eh :) )


Aunt B said...

Hey, Steph! Glad you're back .. good to hear from you again! Miss seeing you...happy to hear how well everything's going! Love you bunches!

Jennifer Brewer said...

sounds fun! you guys are getting ready for life together. how wonderful. thank you for the sweet comment on my xanga.

take care, jen

Casey Ann said...

Ahhhhh! I didn't know that Christopher says that. How sweet. I guess the feelings are mutual.
Just give me some time and you'll be wanting me to be quiet. It just takes me sometime to get un-shy.
Hope the wedding is going well. :)

ratherfrankly said...

Hey Steph! I'm glad y'all got the chance to come down to Mena. too bad we all didn't get more of a chance to visit. anyway, good times coming soon.... take care =)

Valerie Dykstra said...

Sounds like you and JM woke up together. Good thing I know better than that. We just got home from camping. Came home early because of unexpected circumstances. Thanks for the update. It's good to see your "voice" again. xoxo

Jaclyn said...

Hey! I would LOVE to take some pics of yall! Sorry I haven't been able to get back with you. I tried calling a few times but the vm just picked up. Anyway, I'm having a blast in Michigan! I'll call you when I get a chance so we can talk dates. Congrats on everything ya'll are doing! Exciting stuff!
I love you!

mindi11 said...


I live in Siloam Springs now--where are you?

i don't have a phone yet, but if you are as close as i think you are (i work in Fayetteville now) we need to do something! :)

email me or something


Steph said...

Where do you work? My e-mail is E-mail me and let me know what your e-mail is and stuff like that. Yeah...I'm excited.

Kara said...

YAY! I didn't realize you guys got your pics done. How exciting!! Where did you get them done? I can't wait to seem them! I am excited that you guys are able to get the little, fun things done! It's getting closer! I can't wait to go dress shopping for Haven soon! Good to see you today.
Love you,