Monday, January 09, 2006

My "New" Life

Alright, I'm sorry that I am just now posting about everything thta has been going on in my life---so much. Lets see..... The wedding

The wedding was absolutely the best. It was enchanting. Truly I felt like a princess. God gave me so much peace and such a calm. it was amazing. You know you have so many thoughts of what it will be like and it truly met everyone of my dreams. I'm going to post pictures asap.

The honeymoon----Really must anyone ask. It was great. We went to Colorado and had so much fun. The most fun to me was waking up to John Mark. That's such a cool feeling still is. We didn't ski, we shopped and enjoyed great food it seemed like constantly we were eating. Usually I am sick at least 2 days while I'm in CO but I wasn't sick at all which was a huge blessing. We came home early just because everyonethought we were crazy but we were ready to get to our house and open all the gift (thank you cards are still being written-eventually they will be done...if you were wondering). , look at our pictures. We are glad that we came home early it was a fun week doing nothing but hanging out. e enjoyed it.

We start building out house in about 2 weeks we are looking very forward to that. BEing in the country especially.

Anyways, life is going great. JM, Midas (our dog) and I are having a blast. Love you all.


Jennifer Brewer said...

congratulations, steph!

Valerie Dykstra said...

It sounds like the beginning of a GREAT life together. I'm so happy for you.

Kara said...

I miss seeing you! Glad things are going good and am excited about your new house. I am sure I will get plenty of updates from JM!:)
Love you,