Monday, February 13, 2006

Our New House

Our new house is, of course, still in the process. We are looking so forward to getting in and enjoying it and the country. John Mark's new job is about to take off, and school is going great. Boy, December can't get here fast enough. It will be so weird to actually be a nurse for real. Anyways, John mark is at school and I just got home from my clinicals. It was so nice i walked in the front door and the house was spotless. Dusted, organized, everything....the works. It was such a relief i have so much homework Whew! Life is going great. Jada is getting married on June 10th.....Congrats. I'm very excited for her. Dan came home for a surprise visit last week so we had a very busy week. We were really starting to miss them and JM was going into withdrawals. It was fun. Anyways, just a quick note to sorts catch up


Valerie Dykstra said...

It is so beautiful and it looks so peaceful. I love the blue blue sky. Glad you updated. I love you.

Kara said...

We are excited for you guys and know it's going to be a fun time! Glad things are going good.
Love you,

Jaclyn said...

AWW! How fun! Congrats!