Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Last 24 Hours

Well I had high hopes that Roman was going to debut last night or today, but no luck. I was up all night with contractions that were 7 minutes apart and today were 5 minutes apart, but after going to the Dr. we learned there was no change. Just the beginnings of labor which could last days, she actually said weeks, but I rebuke that. Please pray with us that he will come soon. I'm so ready. I know all pregnant women are at this point, but really please pray with us. Here are a few pics of his room. Brenda (Nanna) finished the tree. Isn't it great. I absolutely love it.


Anonymous said...

it's all so perfect. now you just need a lit'l firecracker to complete the look. i'm so excited for you. he's a very lucky lit'l firecracker. love you, mom

kara said...

we are agreeing with you that he comes soon....we love you.

Anonymous said...

the room is lovely...maybe he's just planning to get you right in the middle of a big 4th of July celebration so you miss the fireworks. hoping he comes soon, for both your sakes :)--jess n.