Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fun Trip to Mena

This weekend we went to Mena for my dad's birthday and a dinner for my brother bcause he is leaving to go to school. Roman did awesome. We had a really good time. I was a little afraid because last time Roman didn't do well at all. He is really getting chunky and I absolutely love it. This weekend we weighed him and he weighed a little over 10 pounds. How cute is that. Here are some sweet pictures of him. YOu will see that his grandpa introduced Roman to cucumbers. I know he's only 3 weeks old. John Mark and I went on a date and when we came home dad had roman sucking on a cucumber. When he would take it out of his mouth Roman would fuss until he stuck it back in. Super cute. Well....Chris leaves for college tomorrow. What a blessing for him. He's going to have a blast. God really answered his prayers. I'm super duper proud of him. Enjoy the pics.


kara said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! he has changed so much in a few short days...and my favorite outfit from the gap....oh how i miss him! can't wait to see you guys again. glad the trip to mena went good and you guys got to go on a date!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Steph! I'm sorry I missed you guys on Friday. I am disappointed, of course, because I want very much to meet Mr. Roman. His photos are so very beautiful. Many congrats!
I called Christopher tonight to offer to show him around Arkadelphia, offer a quiet place to study, etc., when he gets to town. It's going to be nice to know someone in Arkadelphia for a change! Zachary and I would love to have him over for dinner.
Love you bunches!

Jodi said...

I swear Ro is getting cuter and cuter every time you post pics! Glad your trip went better this time!! Miss you seems like forever=)

Anonymous said...

10 pounds. what a chunky monkey. He is so beautiful. I love the picture where he's in the "prison garb". Does that ever date me! He's precious. Cucumber! Too cute. Beppie.
ps I had no idea Maria was in arkadelphia.