Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beppie and Bumbo's

Mom got here Wednesday morning and we are having so much fun. She is completely smitten with Mr. Roman. Our days are basically sitting and hanging with Roman. I have really enjoyed visiting and laughing....we laugh so much!!! Roman is the sweetest little guy in the world. As of two nights ago he began sleeping through the night---yeah. I love the picture of Roman sleeping on mom's chest. He's so comfortable looking. In other news we gotta Bumbo. My sweet sister in law Kara let us borrow Harbins Bumbo. Roman loves it as you can see in the pics below. Roman's a real conversationalist being part of the action is really important this invention is great. How did people do it when they didn't have all this fun stuff? Enjoy the pictures

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kara said...

i LOVE the GAP polka dot hat....he is so sweet steph. he smiled at me during church this morning...:) i'm glad your mom is was good seeing her and i loved watching her with roman and worshiping with was sweet.