Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Time

We had a great Christmas. It was a very fun and very new experience doing Christmas with a baby. He didn't get into it much. He did enjoy eating the wrapping paper ; ) We all made out like bandits and once again were blessed by our families generosity. Roman got some of the cutest PJ's and outfits as well as a lot of toys. We had fun getting them all out today, but I think we overstimulated the little dude. John Mark pretty much got everything he wanted/needed. He got lots of new dress shirts for work . He's going to look very nice. He also managed a DVD player and a video game. I got the perfumes I've been wanting, some super cute shirts, and a food processor for making Roman's baby food. It was a lot of fun. The most fun really is getting together with family. We enjoy just hanging out and visiting. Both sides of our family are very large so getting everybody together is a bit of a challenge, but we sure enjoy it when we do. It would be wonderful to see my mom, Gord and sisters on Christmas. Now that would totally complete our Christmastime. (Mom I've been trying to call you---Where have you been?). Here are some pictures of our Christmas. We ended up opening our presents from each other and doing our Christmas Christmas Eve. Not exactly the tradition we want to have, but really didn't know when else to do it. So these pics are from our Christmas at our house, John Mark's parents house, and my Poppy and JuJu's house. Enjoy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how nice you all look. It looks like all the ladies have the same color hair. Nice. Roman looks so cute. I'm glad it was a good Christmas. I remember your first Christmas very well. That sure doesn't seem like over 20 years ago. We'll catch up tomorrow. I love you.