Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Growing Up....Too Fast

All you moms out there know exactly how I feel. Roman is growing way too fast. i find myself waiting in anticipation for the next big thing, but when it happens I feel like crying. I think not yet....its too fast. I was looking at pictures from the day his was born. He was so very tiny. I honestly have forgotten what that was like having such a little baby. Tonite he decided to get on all fours and try to start crawling. Although he didn't actually take off before going back to his stomach and worming around he's very close to be totally mobile. Then after that John Mark was on the couch and Roman turned around and pulled up on the couch. Like it was no big deal. What the heck....two things in one night. Whats he trying to do.....rip my stinkin heart out. I'm Kidding...sorta. He is so sweet, but dear me not two big ones in one night. I know its cliche but he really has grown so fast. I say that , but I find myself almost rushing to get to the next big thing . So what I'm trying to say is that today I was reminded to enjoy every moment and savor it. He will be doing the next big thing soon enough and when he does I'll think thats too fast. Oh another thing is he found hos toes. He loves to put his toes in his mouth it is super cute!!!! Here are some pics from yesterday.


Jennifer said...

sophie saw these pics and she said "aahh! ro ro NAKED!"

i know what you mean about growing up fast and hitting the "milestones." it is amazing how fast they grow. sometimes sophie seems more like a 4 yr old (or an 8 yr old or a teenager!) and i miss her little baby stage an then sometimes she'll crawl up in my lap like a sweet 2 year old.

i have to remind myself to slow down and enjot these times even though they are overwhelming with lack of sleep and tantrums because i know they go by so very fast and i will miss them being little.

thanks for the info on the rhea lana. i definitely want to go.

love you, jennifer

Anonymous said...

I adore those pictures Steph! Roman looks soooo big! LOVE IT!

Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!


Anonymous said...

he is so adorable! I loved it when Clara found her feet and would always be biting her own toes or watching as she twirled her feet around at the ankles...like having her own personal mobile. Kids are such fun.

Anonymous said...

my what nice chunky thighs he has. he's so beautiful. i can't believe he's trying to crawl and already pulling up. what a precious boy. I miss him. i love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

I do know what you mean, I think now for me Summit crawling will be even sweeter since he's been behind in part b/c of his eyes. He has trouble balancing, but is finally trying to crawl. I do really enjoy the fact he's stayed a "baby" longer though!!! Heidi