Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Girls---

Today was Jada's baby shower. So much fun!!! Emma received the cutest things ever. Complete with a darling pair of leopard print ballet slippers with pink trim. Oh my gosh...precious. I can't wait to have a girl---all that pink so sweet. Jada looks great, and I know she had a great time. I haven't put my pics on the computer yet I just swiped these from Jodi, but its the pictures of us girls at the shower. More pics to come.

I've had some of the best times of my life with these girls, and they have been with me at every major thing in my life. I love them like sisters.

Jada, I can't wait to meet Emma. We really do love her already!!!!


Kara said...

you guys are so pretty...sorry i missed it...good to chat at the perk...soon we can sit down and chat longer.
love you. baby ro was so sweet today...he's going to give Harbin a run for his money soon....:)

Anonymous said...

You all look so summery and beautiful. I'm glad you have J & J as best friends. Very very glad. I love you.

The Clarks said...

ooooh I hope I don't have a girl! what little self control I have will be GONE!!! I love girlie things and I was actually mad at first when the ultrasound said I was having a boy (anger in part due to the fact the first ultrasound said I was having a girl) I love my boy and want more! :)

Anonymous said...

i love you steph!!!
- jada