Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Gosh it been awhile since I blogged last. So let me update you on life here at the Laney's---

We had a great time in Florida. Roman did so well with the drive to and from and the stay there. I was afraid we weren't taking enough pictures, but once we got home I realized we had taken over 400 and therefore felt relieved that I had indeed captured our first family vacation well. It was great to spend so much time with my family. Roman had some good bonding time. I have to say although it was extremely hot and we were so tired if I could do it again tomorrow I totally would. It was very fun.

I started watching my neice Meya. She is 8 weeks old. Life with two babies is a bit different and MUCH harder than I expected. Thus the no updates for the last few weeks. Although the first week was terrible we are finally getting into a routine where they actually sleep and enjoy being awake. The hardest thing is going out, but we are getting the swing of it. Roman really likes her. It's cute. Yesterday she was in the swing and Roman was holding on to it while it was swinging. He was smiling at Meya and from underneath her paci you could see her smiling back. I think its neat that she stays with us. I was always close to my cousins, and I think Meya and Roman will be too.

John Mark's brother Daniel is coming home from Japan in a few days and we are all very excited to see him. He has been stationed there for a year and a half. He has never met Roman or Meya. It will be sorta weird to come home for him because of all the new additions and the changes in the family, but it will be great to see him.

Roman turns one in less than a month so I've been planning a party. I love birthday parties and feel that birthdays should be celebrated in style. I can't believe its been a year. I'm excited and a bit sad that its gone by so fast. We've had a great year. He is such a blessing and I thank God for giving him to JM and I.

Last but not least---Roman and I are going to Canada for the first week of August. I'm so excited. Honestly I'm a little nervous about making the flight with Roman by myself so if anyone has any tips send them my way :) My meme (mom's mom) is going to come as well. I haven't seen my sister's in forever so it will be great to see them and catch up on their lives.

Hopefully everyone is doing good. I will leave you with some pics. Be Blessed

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I especially like the one of you and JM. That is really good. I'm glad your first family vacation was all you wanted it to be. I can hardly wait to see you.