Monday, July 14, 2008

Roman's One!!!!

Well its been awhile since I've been on here. I stay pretty busy with Roman and Meya : ) Still trying to figure out how to do two babies, but I will say its getting easier.

So Roman turned 1 on the 11th . We had a big party on the 5th. It was great despite being like a million degree's outside. I couldn't even have the cake out until right before it was time to sing happy birthday because it would have melted! Roman was a lot of fun, and never acted like the heat bothered him. Unlike me I felt like I was going to die much like everyone else there. We had a lot of fun though.

It's so hard to believe that he is one. we are so blessed to have such a sweet little boy. It's hard to imagine that a little over a year ago he wasn't even here. We can't remember what our life was like before he was here.

Roman you are my sweet angel . I love you more than i will ever be able to describe in words. I've anticipated you my entire life--you've made dad and I so happy. i love your sweet spirit. How quick you smile and how when you are with a lot of people you do goofy things to make us all laugh.You have such a great personality, and an easy going nature. You always surprise me with how well you handle new things. I love the way you go with the flow. the noise you make when your pushing around your trucks makes me smile. I think its the sweetest when you throw books in our lap for us to read to you. There are so many sweet things that I love about you. I pray that you will grow to be a strong man with a kind heart. A man who knows how to truly enjoy all the gifts God gives you in your life. That you would love the Lords with all your heart. I pray that you would have a personal realtionship with God that is passionate and true. I speak blessing over you son. You ares loved more than you will EVER know. Happy first birthday!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday from Beppie too. I love you Romie Boy.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Roman Carter:
You are such a sweet happy boy who loves living. You brighten up a room with your sweet smile and spirit and I love to see when you think and ponder....I pray that the Lord would continue to speak to your spirit as you get older so you will know Him in ways that amaze you and your mommy and daddy. They love you so much. We are so proud of who you are and who you are going to become. We love you bubby. Happy Birthday.
Kara,Have, and Harb.

Valerie Dykstra said...

Stephanie, it's so close. Just 12 days and I get to see you and squeeze the dickens out of Romie Boy. I can't wait. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

one week from today. i'm counting. Love you. xoxo