Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Welcome April...I'm so glad you are here

Happy April Fools Day everyone!!!! I can't believe its already April but I'm so glad. John Mark and I are doing a lot of work to the outside of our house and its been hit and miss with the weather, but it looks like we are in for some really nice weather. The only bad things is the wind--it can knock you down. Oh well you can't have everything and I'm so glad Spring is here.
We have so many things we are counting down for. First, a week from monday we are finding out if we are having a boy or a girl. My hunch is its a girl. We'll see and you can bet that I will post here when we find out. Secondly, May 16th we're throwing my super sweet sister in law a wedding shower and I believe my excitement is a little unhealthy, but i do enjoy parties and especially throwing them. Then in June, John Mark finishes school. That will be one mighty fine day. He has worked so hard and will probably find himself lost without it for awhile. We will be planning one heck of a party to celebrate that. In July, my little man turns two. I'm excited about this and a little sad. You sad in a good way. I just wish time could stand still for awhile. He's growing so fast. August brings a very anticipated wedding where the before mentioned sister in law, mary, gets married. We are so excited for her not so excited about squeezing my big belly in a bridesmaid dress, but can't wait to see Roman in his tux. And then if we are lucky we will have a baby at the end of August, but i seriously doubt it. We have two due dates Sept 4 and Sept 9th. We should probably stick with the 9th since thats probably when it will come. So besides the obvious reason of nicer weather you can see why we are excited to see Summer getting closer. We have a pretty fun one planned.
Roman is really getting big. Theses days he LOVES to be outside. He has so much fun throwing rocks and picking dandelions. He still talks a lot of jibberish, but is saying a several things. He says juice,dada,mama, boppa,juju, uncle, A,Jojo, and shoes. He probably says more than this but i can't think right now. He can identify most familiar animals and tell you what sounds they make. He loves movies. some of his favorites are Madagascar, Veggie tales, open Season and Tarzan. He's a little less picky with what he eats but requires a lot of time to eat. Today was the first day he has ever fallen asleep anywhere but in his bed and occasionally his car seat, but he fell asleep in his high chair. I wanted to get a picture, but I felt bad for him so i got him down and put him in bed. He really is such a huge blessing to us. I can't even remember what life was like before him.
this blog was just a little catch up blog-- here are some pictures

throwing rocks in the creek with grandma ma
Roman and Pabob ( Grandma ma and pabob are my grandma and grandpa and Romans greats)


Jennifer said...

i love the pic with grandma

Anonymous said...

i can't believe he'll be two...sheesh. it makes me a little sad too.....the first pic reminds me of harbin......

JAMIE GRAY said...

He looks so much like Kent to me!

Mom said...

You have many things on the go Girl. It all sounds fun and exciting, well, except the wedding -(you know I have a thing). But I'm happy for Mary.

I love the picture of Roman throwing rocks in the creek. Seems like just a few weeks ago that was Christopher throwing rocks into that creek. I love you all.

Kelly said...

I love your pictures and playlist too!!