Monday, April 02, 2012

April 2nd--The day my son accepted Christ

Wow! That describes this day. I woke up rushed and slightly overwhelmed. I had to get everyone up, dressed, lunch packed ( I didn't prepare well the night before), backpacks ready and out the door by 8:30. Roman had MDO and I had to get to kindergarten registration. I can't believe my little baby is going to kindergarten this fall. No tears were shed during registration Avery kept me far to busy for any sentiment ha!

Anyways, on the way to school we prayed for our day then out of the blue Roman said, "mama last night when I was in my bed I asked Jesus into my heart because he loves me and I love him so much." What?! Ever had one of those moments that stop you in your tracks. You instantly have a grin so big and you can't wipe it off your face, but at the same time you want to cry, scream and laugh. Ha! That was me in my car in the Cross Church parking lot. My son just told me he accepted Christ. My son, my brother!

 I've prayed everytime that I've prayed for Roman that he would know Christ and that he would accept him early in life and he would be used as a mighty man of God to lead others to Him! After hugging, kissing and congratulating Roman went into his class. Me on the other hand cried and thanked Jesus for his salvation all the way to registration. Not exactly the tears I expected on registration day : ) Way better.

When Roman got home we were sitting at the table. I asked him what made him think about asking Jesus into his heart last night. We've talked about it a lot but we haven't lately. We've talked a lot about Easter, Jesus dying on the cross and raising from the dead, but not specifically salvation. He told me Jesus did. I asked did you think about it or have a dream. He said, " In my dream Jesus told me he loved me and wanted me to ask him into my heart".  Yes, I had another one of those moments. He was so smiley, happy and innocent. Amazing!

I feel so overwhelmed with gratefulness! I told Roman this was the greatest thing he will ever do (and he's 4). Roman is so kind, gentle, patient and loving. He has such a sweet spirit. I know God has huge plans for him. I'm so thankful that God blessed me with Roman Carter Laney! I'm thankful I get to be his mom, and I pray for the wisdom and discernment to put into Roman what will shine as a bright light as it comes out of him. Use me as a vessel, God and Use Roman as well. Thank you for dying for us, for interceeding on our behalf. Thank you for our SALVATION!!

Roman, I'm so proud of you! I love you!!

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Valerie Dykstra said...

Oh my Sweetheart. This is so beautiful. I'm so glad you have it all in writing; some day it will be so very valuable to him that you recorded it. I love the phrase, "my son, my brother." This is so touching and I love seeing the pictures. I wish I could see all of you right now. Be blessed my wee girl. You are such a good mommy and I love you. (It's nice to be off Lent and catching up on this stuff. :-))