Sunday, September 01, 2013

Avery Claire is 4

Dear Avery,

Happy 4th birthday! I can't believe that you are four years old! Everyone always says that, me included, but I am so surprised by how quickly you went from a little baby to a big girl. You are so kind and loving. You have enough energy for 10 people and keep us running. You are a mini me and I love that so much, sometimes I look at you and its like I'm looking at myself. You are so funny and full of expression, your big eyes always full of smile and light.

You are going to be a big sister again in a few weeks. I know you will be a huge helper and will love him so much. When I got pregnant with Ella I was so scared that having her when you were so little would somehow make you grow up quicker.In a way it did. You all the sudden seemed so big and the next year flew by so fast. New babies and a new home have a way of speeding a year up.  Well turns out that God knew what he was doing, he always does. You and Ella are best friends and I pray you will always be as close you are now. The bigger Ella gets the more I am asked if you two are twins, and its kinda like you are. You enjoy a lot of the same things and can (almost) share clothes. Its fun and I'm so glad God surprised us with her. You and Roman have a blast together too. You love dress up and all things girly but you sure can hang with the boys. You love spending time playing video games with him and starting in the spring you will both play t ball. You are super excited about that. He's a great big brother and he's pretty crazy about you too!

You've been so excited to celebrate your birthday and have your party. You wanted a luau. We decided to have it at the park and when we pulled up another person was setting up for a party in the pavilion so we moved it (very) last minute to another park . You rolled with it never disappointed at all. It was a disaster...ha. It was so windy and I couldn't decorate very well at all. It was hot and the flies honed in on the food so fast....eek! We had a super small turn out and I was so discouraged. I was in tears (we'll blame that on the pregnancy hormones) . I bring all that up to help myself remember what, in retrospect, is so special to me about that day. You never noticed the small turnout, the heat, the flies, and no decorations. Instead my sweet girl was out inviting the rest of the park kids to her party and asking if anyone would like some cake. That so perfectly describes you. You are beautiful on the outside but baby you are gorgeous on the inside. That beauty radiates out. I'm so proud of the lovely girl you are and I'm so honored to be your mom. You bless us so much everday!

This year you asked Jesus into your heart! You watched Roman pray a few months before and talked about it all the time. We prayed with you and you were so excited to share that news. Avery, Jesus loves you so much. He created you with a unique and important purpose and I'm so excited to walk beside you as you discover what His will for your life is and I will support you always. You are my daughter and this year you became my sister. I'm so proud of you!

I love you so much!


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