Thursday, July 13, 2006

Our Precious Lilly

Lilly is our wonderful Airedale terrier, and we found out that she has an autoimmune disease that is destroying her red blood cells. Two days ago we thought she may die. Although we are having a hard time stabilizing her RBC's today she is doing much better. She is acting like she feels better. We bring her home at night and she stays at the vet all day. It's really sweet because she and Midas are good friends and normally they would wrestle and play. Since they are both living in the house we thought we may have a hard time keeping Midas "low key" well not so muchh. Midas is so sweet he just lays beside her like he knows she is sick. It's kinda sad but very sweet. Please pray that Lilly will get better and that we will know how to handle this disease so that she can live a long healthy life.

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Valerie Dykstra said...

Oh Steph, I hope Lilly makes a full recovery. They look very sweet.