Friday, November 30, 2007

Cereal Yum Yum....not really

I posted a video but it won't show up...thats where you see his horrible face. I can't now, but I will try again later

So let me update on the latest Roman news. We went to Dr. Payton (our pediatrician). Roman is still in the 95th percentile weighing in at 18 pounds and he's 27 inches long. He's really grown in length in the last little bit. He's absolutely wonderful--the light of our life. We've been waiting to start him on cereal- I don't really know why--just eager to start something new. So Dr. Payton said we could start him on rice cereal. I really thought he would like it a lot, but to my surprise he hated it. He made the worst face and spit it out over and over again. I do believe we can thank my dad for that. This Thanksgiving he ate mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and whatever other juices were on my dads plate. Everytime my dad would take his finger out of his mouth Roman would break into a cry. So cute!!! Anyways, here are some picture from our cereal experience.
P.S We ended up putting it in a bottle ---He sucked it down. Rumor has it that this will help him sleep through the night---Hope so. The ones were he is asleep is after the bottle. Yippee

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Anonymous said...

Romie Boy is a bright one. After all one would be pretty un-bright to choose rice cereal when he could have sweet potatoes. These pictures are adorable. Mom