Thursday, November 01, 2007

The First Ever Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Make Me Happy
1. Roman sweet little coos and smile (Brightens my entire world)
2. John Mark playing with Roman
3. Iced Mocha's from The perk
4. When Roman takes a good nap
5. Acamabaro Carne Asada
6. A clean car
7. New Heights (Our church) i love the worship and the teaching. Always lifts me up right where I need it.
8. Going to Mena to see dad and mom
9. My grandma Ninkie
10. The random person stopping me to tell me just how darn cute Roman is
11. Funny conversations with mom on the phone --we crack ourselves up ( we did even harder when she came for her month visit...that made me real happy)
12. Being told memories of Chris as a little kid. "ewwww.....I snell a snunk." : ) (Makes you happy too...huh?"
13. John Marks random hugs and kisses


kara said...

in these pics, he looks so much like you! he's such a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

yeah he's such a sweetie. i like the t13's. mom