Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We had such a wonderful weekend and I'm just now posting about it. It was 65 degrees all weekend. We had friends over and BBQ'd ( John Mark and I love BBQing). It was wonderful. We are so ready for spring and summer. We have an outdoor baby. He had lots of fun--once he warmed up to the grass. Yes, he had a new found fear of grass. he would look at it and cry, but after awhile of John Mark playing with him on it he started to actually enjoy it. John Mark and DAn were playing catch in the yard and Roman was totally captivated. It was cute. I hope everyones week is going well. Tomorrow some family is coming up and I'm really excited to see them...just some girl time will be great.

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Anonymous said...

he's so handsome. hannah had a grass issue for a while. funny. sounds like a great weekend. mom