Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Grandma

These are my favorite pictures from Easter. My grandma is an amazing person. When asked who is my role model my answer would ber her. She is strong, gentle, the most loving person I know. She is giving without end. She has taught me (as well as the rest of my family)by example how to love in every circumstance without fail. She loves the Lord and he shines through her. She showed me the power of prayer. Her love for her family runs so deep. There is nothing she wouldn't do for any of us. It makes me sad when I realize that Roman doesn't get to see her very often. Having these pictures means so much to me.

Roman is not much on the cuddling. He is so busy. It was Sunday afternoon he was so tired, but refused to calm down enough to fall asleep. Grandma took him and rocked him in this chair--she was singing--it wasn't two minutes and Roman was sound asleep. She is so calming. I remember her rocking me, and I remember how safe I would feel in her arms. I love you grandma.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Your grandma is all those things and more. You are all very lucky. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

1-sweet post, steph. i totally agree too. lately i have been wanting time to stop where my grandparents are concerned. i wish us and kids could keep growing and they could stay young. :)

2-happy belated, birthday! i hope it was really good!

3-we went ahead and bought a bumbo on ebay. it was a good deal and is brand new.

4-i heard that you are wanting to start sewing. good for you! i have been reading tons of crafting/sewing blogs lately. let me know if you are interested and i'll send you the links.

5- i have all of your matrenity clothes together and i totally forgot to bring them to easter. i'll try to remember to take them to britt to give to you.

love, jen

Anonymous said...

She's definitely the most AMAZING woman I've ever met. I wanna be just like her someday. We're definitely a blessed family!

I had so much fun this weekend. Glad you came out! And thanks again for letting us stay.


Anonymous said...

maternity clothes???? is there a rush??? xoxo