Friday, October 16, 2009

Roman 27 Months


This is the first of monthly post for you and Avery. Some blogger friends that i have write a monthly update on their kiddos and i regret I'm just starting to do this for you. But here we go.

You are 27 months olds. Thats 2 years and 3 months. I can't believe how big you are. It's been awhile since I weighed you but you the last time I weighed you you weighed 32 pounds. You are getting tall and losing the baby look and starting to look like such a big boy. I can't believe it sometimes when I look at you at how big you are.

You are really starting to talk a lot. You still are saying mostly one-two words, but have said a few small sentence. you can spell your name which surprises everyone. You're a smarty pants. you can identify and say the colors--red, blue,green,yellow, and pink. You are counting to 7 in english, and thanks to Dora you can count to 6 in Spanish.

You LOVE to read books your favorites are your Animal Encyclopedia, Mickey Mouse book, and your tractor/truck books. There are times that the house gets very quiet and I go looking for the mess only to find you in your room reading. So sweet!! Your favorite shows are Dora, Diego, and Kailan. You can sing all three theme songs.

You're favorite foods are:Apples, bananas,popcorn chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese quessidillas, and apple sauce. You love suckers and skittles and get them as bribery too often...ha ha. You hate water and drink apple juice in your sippey cup.

You are such a great big brother. You are always asking to give Avery a "tiss." You often sit down and pat your legs, thats your way of telling me you want to hold her. Last weekend we were in Old Navy. You were with your dad and I had Avery somewhere else in the store. You could hear a baby crying and you kept saying "Biby, Biby" with a very concerned look on your face. You couldn't be settled so dad found Avery and I so you could see that avery was ok. You are a precious big brother. I adore the way you love avery. What a blessing! I prayed that you would adjust well and that you would be crazy about her and you are both well adjusted and crazy about your sister.

On another note you are definitely two and testing the limits. It wears me out some days, but i pray that I will have wisdom to guide you and wisdom to know the right way to discipline you. You can throw one heck of a fit, and hate having your comfort zones invaded. People always want to talk to you when we are out and about and you are quick to grunt at them. I won't lie its very annoying and I'm hoping the phase passes quickly : )

You are sweet and we love you so much. I'm looking so forward to the next few months and the holidays. you are getting to an age where you will start experiencing the magic of Christmas. It's going to be a lot of fun. I love you little man.

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karalaney said...

mr roman, your aunt kara and cousins harbin and haven love you so much. we pray for you and your little sister and mommy and daddy. we are looking forward with great expectation for the day when we can spend more time make me smile when i see you at church when i see you and make my heart feel better when i'm missing your cousins. your light up the room you are in and we are so grateful for you in our lives.
you ARE such a big boy.