Thursday, October 27, 2011

Honey there's a tag under your arm

Yes thats what I heard as I reached out to pay the teller at Taco Bueno (no its not on my diet : )) today. Sometimes I just want to curl up and die. Seriously, the bad thing is I've worn my new coat 3 times and I've apparently have had a big tag hanging from the left armpit everytime and no one has told me. I have a bad habit of not taking a real close look in the mirror before I leave. It is not uncommon to realize my shirt is on backwards or even worse inside out. About a year ago I was sitting in CHURCH when my mother in law came and sat down, she smiled real big and leaned over and whispered " I think your shirt is inside out." Lord have mercy....can you say embarassing!

Anyways, that was the most embarrassing part of my day and was definitely a reminder to SLOW DOWN and check myself out a little more before I walk out the door.

Roman and Avery both went to Mothers Day Out today. Thursdays are so nice. Its amazing how easy being out and about is with one baby. That one baby, Ella, is really getting much easier. Thank you Lord! The other day I was telling John Mark that Ella is a few weeks from being the age Avery was when I found out I was pregnant again. What in the world?! John Marks reply was, "makes sense Ella is getting easier I can see how we were thinking we could have another one." Apparently he forgot Ella was the surprise of the century. Thats ok I wouldn't change that surprise for anything. All that to say, I want another baby, just one, and no not now, but I'm completely certain I want another. The truth is as tired and as frustrated as I get sometimes this is absolutely what I was made to do. Its not all of who I am and there's alot more to me than wife and mommy but right now that the complete focus and I do love it. After I had Ella I thought, " this is it," I can't believe I have three kids. Truth is I think I would have three more (don't tell JM).

My heart is full.

Whose wouldn't be...look at them!


Mom said...

Yep, with babies that sweet, who wouldn't want a dozen? :-) Love you.

Ashton Herod said...

They are definitely beautiful kids! :) And I just noticed we have the same backgrounds on our blogs (I just started one!) Good taste, I guess??? ;)

I Like Ike said...

One, I'm so tickled you are blogging again! It's so much fun to follow some of our favorite cousins (or best friends since to Ike it's the same thing..:) ).

Two, the tag thing cracked me up! Monday, I wore a new shirt and I was dropping Ike off at school when a woman chased me down the hall yelling, "there's something on your shirt!" yep, it was my tag. Lovely.

Love y'all!