Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Mother of Mary

Seriously I have been working for hours on this blog and this is what it looks like...ha. What in the world?! I've been ready to pull my hair out. if anyone knows how to widen the header your help is greatly appreciated!

It does feel good to at least feel up to blogging again. Sometimes its just overwhelming. I read so many blogs and they all do something different for me. Some challenge me to be a Godly women, some of them give me great ideas for crafts or cooking, others challenge me in parenting, but all of them in some way encourage me. So when I sit down to blog I feel so "inadequate". I'm not a great storyteller and truth be told some days I just want to say "screw it", how encouraging is that??

Then it occured to me that all the blogs I love the most are honest and raw. They (the bloggers) are just documenting life. So thats my new perspective, raw, no matter what it is or how I feel I want this to be "real". I'm a stay at home mom to three great kids and sometimes I have to sit and count back when they had their last bath..ha so I definitely do a poor job keeping up with their baby books. So this will serve as a place to document the happenings of the Laney house, and whatever else goes fleeting through my brain.

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