Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mom, I love Halloween

I am so glad Halloween is over. Does that make me a bad mom? Ha! I'm only sorta kidding. Its crazy trying to get all the kids the right costume and then to get them in them (or out of them). Between school parades and naptimes and dinner and trick or treating and bedtimes I was WORN out at the end of the day. Alot of work but totally worth it. Roman goes to Mothers Day Out on Mondays and Roman and Avery go Thursday so Monday morning  the kids wore their costumes and walked in a parade. I took Avery and let her walk with her class. It was cute. It's always fun to watch them in an enviroment I'm not in. Avery was so cute they have these long ropes with handles for the kids to hold onto (I need one of those). She just grabbed her ring and marched out there...all smiles. It was so cute. I got some cute pictures of her but I could not get my camera to take the picture when Roman walked past so the pictures aren't as good. WHile Roman was at school I tried (not very successfully) to get a few pictures of the girls. Avery isn't in to taking pictures. Oh well : )

This was the first year we took the kids trick or treating and they LOVED it! We live in a nice neighborhood and some of our best friends live in the neighborhood behind ours so our friends, Jada and Nathan and Emma, came and we trick or treated the neighborhoods. I really thought Roman would be intimidated and shy but boy was I wrong he RAN to the first door and the rest is history. Every lit up house : ) It was fun. I'm always so annoyed with the scary costumes....why??? I don't get it...or the slutty costumes for that matter, but that a soapbox I won't get on right now. We didn't even round the corner before Emma looked right at a scary face...grrr. Oh well we just told her it was pretend and that worked for her.




It was a good day, busy, but good. As we were walking Roman looked up and said, "mom I love trick or treating." Ha! It was all worth it!

It was past Ella's bedtime so she wasn't too much fun.

*Not sure why the pictures look all crazy...sorry...figuring out the new blogger : )

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Ashton Herod said...

Love their costumes! I especially love the look Avery is giving in the pic of just her in her costume! lol