Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Letter to Ella on her First Birthday

Dear Ella,

Tomorrow you will be ONE! I can't even believe it. You're my third and of all three of you your first year has gone by the fastest. It makes me sad. When people ask me how old you are I still want to say 7 months..ha! Don't ask why its 7 months, but I do. It's so hard to believe you are one. You are our little surprise. It's a funny story, so on the eve of your first birthday, I think I will share : ) We had just moved to our new house, Avery was 8 months old, and we had just booked our first vacation just daddy and I for Mexico. I was feeling kinda sensitive, more emotional, than normal. I was exhausted and (the tale tale sign for your mama) I started having break outs on my face. I joked with daddy that I may be pregnant. He laughed and said, "That would be fun, its about time we have another baby", remember Avery was 8 months old. Anyways, one day while I was doing our big grocery trip I just decided to get a pregnancy test, you know just to put that question out of my mind. So while I was unloading groceries I ran into the bathroom, took the test, and continued to unload groceries. I knew it would negative but I needed to be certain so imagine my surprise when I walked in and before my eyes was a bright pink + sign. You know how I told your dad, I text him. Ha! I sent him a picture of the test and it said, Ready to have another baby?

I have to be honest I'm a planner and I was completely taken off guard. I was selfish and worried if I would enjoy Mexico as much being pregnant, I worried because I still hadn't lost my weight from having Avery, I was worried about Avery. I thought that having another baby would somehow take away from her "babyhood" and was just scared that I wasn't ready yet to have another baby.

Well you know what? You were the BEST surprise ever! I'm so glad that the unexpected happened to me. I loved Mexico, I still haven't lost all the weight and you and your sister are close in age and will always be so close in life. None of those fears ever amounted to anything!

My pregnancy was wonderful and my delivery couldn't have been better. 3 pushes and you were here.You were so mad and didn't stop crying for what felt like HOURS and baby you were so red..ha! You were/are absolutely beautiful. You fit immediately into our family. Roman adored you and Avery was smitten. They still do/are. You are such an incredibly blessing to our family!

You look like your daddy and your brother. I love it! Your baby pictures and Roman's are, at times, almost identical. People say your looks are definitely Laney, although, I see myself every once in awhile. You are a momma's girl and still want me close most of the time. You sleep like a champ taking two naps a day and all through the night. You are smaller than your brother and sister at one. You weigh a little over 20 pounds and wear 12/18 month clothes. You say mama, dada, roro,bye bye, and lots of jibberish : ) You love to clap your hands to music and love "If your happy and you know clap your hands." You finally will stay in a nursery. Thanks for that.

You are a pure joy to me and to all of us.

Here is what I pray and claim over you,

I pray that you will be healthy and strong. That you will grow to be a women of character and virtue, That you will love Jesus with your whole heart and you will come to know him early in your life and will be sensitive to him and his guidance. That you will have a discerning heart and won't be easily swayed by the "stuff" thats in this world. That you will be a confident girl and women. Who knows she's beautiful both inside and out but also understands that true beauty is inner beauty. That you will honor your dad and I bc that the first command with promise and its a good promise : ) That you will love and be close to your brother and sister, and lastly (I got this from Mrs. Gwen and I loved it) I pray you will be a mighty warrior in His kindgdom!

I love you Isabella Kate Laney. Happy 1st birthday (in 54 minutes).


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