Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Number 1

John Mark's great sense of money. He is really good with it. I'm not. I tend to be very worried about money and to hoard money. John Mark is very good at finances, and very good at giving. We started taking a challenging, but rewarding, financial class that our church provides us with. It has been a huge blessing for me, but it has also opened my eyes at how blessed I am to have such a great provider for my family, but also that he knows how to best utilize the money he makes. So thank you God for my hardworking husband and for giving him wisdom how to best allocate and spend our money and for giving him the heart of a cheerful giver.

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Anonymous said...

Having a husband to handle the money side of things is a blessing to me too. I'm thankful JM is good with moola and takes care of you all so well. Great job JM!!