Monday, February 01, 2010

Avery Claire--5 Months

Well here we are 5 months later...I can't believe it!! It's hard for me to believe that next month you are 1/2 way to a year. Crazy!! Time flies when your having fun.

You are starting to be quiet the ham especially at the sight of Roman. You love him!!! It's sweet. When you get excited you get all stiff and shake. Pretty cute!!

Up until the snow storm you were getting on a pretty good nap schedule, but the snow through our schedule all off. you are getting better about being put down, unfortunately you cry so we've been trying the "cry it out " method. I stink at it so i rescue you often : ) It might take awhile.

Some milestones from this month are :
You weigh 19 pounds and are 26 inches long
You wear size 4 diapers
You are in size 9 months and some 12 month stuff
you are rolling to your side so I think you may roll over this month (we'll see).
you have started teething--you constantly chew on your hands and you drool all the time. You are pretty fussy. You very much hate any discomfort...thats ok so do I.

Some things you really enjoy:
The bumbo-you are sitting in it very well. It's vey helpful I can put you up on the bathroom counter and get ready in the morning and I sit you on the kitchen counter while I'm cooking. It buys me a lot of time as does the high chair you love it too. You don't use your bouncy seat much anymore. You usually will sit in it for about 20 minutes in the morning while I'm getting Ro ready but thats about it.

The mirror--I put the mirror by my desk when I'm on the computer and you sit and smile at yourself. It's very sweet. I always wonder what your thinking about that person in the mirror : )

I stopped feeding you rice because of bathroom problems, but you eat pears, applesauce and bananas like an old pro. I fed you a bite of avacado and you seemed to like it then i rememebered avacado allergies run in the family so we stopped at a bite until you are a little older. I think you are pretty much going to like anything that we put in your mouth. Yay for being unpicky : )

You are a blessing and I sure do love you. I'm looking forward to Spring and the pretty weather. I know we will enjoy many park days and having fun outside. I love you Pumpkin!

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Mom said...

Wow! What a great blog to wake up to. Pictures and stories about the precious grand-babies. I love it. And I love you for doing this. I cherish it and someday R and AC will too.
The babies are gorgeous and such a joy to watch through your blog. Thanks for letting me see more thru this venue. I love you.