Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite blogger friend, Kelly, is doing a blog today about her simple pleasures. It got me to thinking and here are some of my simple pleasures.

Avery's cooing in the early morning

Roman saying Thank you mama and love you mama

Coffee with a friend

A clean house

Freshly washed sheets and a made bed....ahhhhh

The smell of Spring and fresh cut grass

going to the movies

The smell of coffee

Reading blogs (which I spend entirely too much time doing)

Spending the night with my grandma (still my favorite place)

The sound of our loud dishwasher and dryer...especially during naptime : )



A good book

Here are a few. What are your simple pleasures?


Sheila said...

Thanks for reminding me about how cozy the sound and smell of the dryer running is! I left it off my blog but I do love it! Especially if there are towels in the dryer!

Courtney Cox said...

Speaking of the movies. Tate and I went to Fiesta Square to the movies last night (Yea, I didn't know it was still open either,ha). For him and I to watch a movie, 2 large drinks, large popcorn, and 2 boxes of candy was $16.50. Kids under the age of 2 and under get in free I told then Tate was 3 and the lady said well he is small for 3 so lets say he is 2. haha I hear you on the clean sheets and made bed that is third best thing to a vanialla chai tea from coffee creations. You should so get one of those they are super yummy!

Mom said...

Isn't it a good practice to focus on the simple pleasures? I love your list. We share some of the same simple pleasures. I'll have to think about this today -- focus on some simple pleasures. xoxo

You're doing a great job with your NY's goal to blog more. I'm so excited. :-)