Friday, February 05, 2010

Show Us Your LIfe - Beauty Tips and Favorite Products

So I'malways thinking about doing Kelly's Friday Show us your Life, but always forget on Friday then by the time I remember its like Tuesday so I never do it. But today I remembered and ita on Beauty Tips...ha...whatever I need beauty tips, but here I go.

First I have very fine hair I think there is quite a bit of it (although I'm losing alot pregnancy), but because its so fine it just lays flat and looks thin. Anyways one thing I have found is a hair thickener or works really well. I use whatever. Right now it Garnier Fructis Texture paste, but I'm sure there is better ones out there.

Second a root boosting spray like Big Sexy hair, but that stuff is EXPENSIVE (at least for the cheap like me ) so I use TreSemme Root Boosting Spray and it works really well. Finally my flat iron and a big fat round brush. After lots of work it looks decent but I'm really wanting a change. Usually I go chop it all off, but my goal is a real fun layered cut so I will let it grow grow grow : )

As for Make-up I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing and stick to the same 'ol stuff. My two favorite things is a bronzer and mascara...for sure!!! I'm looking forward to reading everyone else that posts because I need some good ideas : )


Mom said...

I have discovered that ALL hair products make my head ooze. Therefore I have decided to avoid ALL hair products. (Except shampoo, of course).

I love your hair.

My one and only beauty tip: don't abuse yourself in the sun. I did lots of that; have had lots of bad sunburns. Now look at me. I'm convinced they're related.

Jamey said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I saw your sweet children and had to leave you a comment. I have an Avery Claire as well - she is 3 now. And I have a little girl, Eden Presley, that is about the same age of your Avery - she is 6 months now. Just wanted to say "hi"!