Monday, January 04, 2010

Avery Claire 4 Months

Well Miss Avery Claire you are 4 months old and 4 days. You are so fun these days!!! you are a smiley queen lately and I LOVE it!!! You love your little family too. Any one of us (dad, ro and I) look at you and you burst into a huge gummy grin. You are talking ALOT and when I sing you start cooing REALLY loud. Its so sweet.This month you celebrated your first christmas. As expected you could have cared less, but did enjoy all the attention and you were rarely not being held. You love being held so all the festivities were good for you : ) You looked precious in your dresses that i made for you. I will always remember your first Christmas and those sweet dresses. It's so fun having a little girl.

You are truly a blessing.

So here are some things about you this month:

You are wearing size 3 diapers, but dad thinks we need to move you to size 4. That would be 4 sizes in 4 months..ha. Thats a little crazy : )

You started cereal this month and you like it. Don't tell anyone but I put juice in it. At first you didn't seem to care much for it, but your getting the hang of it.

You are in 6-9 months clothes. We had to go buy you 9 month jammies because your others were to small even most of the 6 month ones.

You can lay on your tummy and hold your head up very well. You like it a lot.

You are pretty independent. Often times you are very fussy and we just put you down and you suddenly become very happy. You just want to do your thing! Can't blaim you there ;)

The last two days you have been going down for your morning nap awake and fall asleep in your bed without being rocked. Thats a huge accomplishment.

I love being your mom and I'm so glad that we are all falling into a pretty predictable schedule. I love that your tummy troubles are finally resolving and you are content much more often. That makes for much better days.

I love you little girl and can't believe you've been here 4 months. They are coming and going far to fast.


Anonymous said...

cereal, for real?!?!?!?!?!! and that hair.......agghh!! she's growing right before my eyes. makes me sad:(

Anonymous said...

She's such a doll! Lovebthe picture of the two of you! What a hot mama! And the dress you made was gorgeous! I'm cracking up about size 4 diapers! Her almost 1 year old cousin has plenty of room in a 3! How sweet they both are! And I always put juice in ike's cereal.. Or fruit.. Was that bad? Oops.. I can't pump very well and we didn't do formula..
Love you guys!

Courtney Cox said...

Your children are beautiful. Roman looks like a spitting image of John Mark, and Avery looks just like you! I hear you on the resolutions! I hope they are going good for you so far!

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox said...

Your babies are absolutely beautiful. Roman looks like a spitting image of John Mark and Avery looks just like you. Adorable!! I hope you resolutions are going good so far. Happy New Year!
Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox said...

I seriously didn't mean to leave two posts!! haha. I didn't see it on their so I wrote another one!!

Mom said...

what a pretty!! adorablish indeed!