Saturday, January 02, 2010

Roman 2 years 5 months

One word for you this month...hilarious!!! You have kept us in stitches even more than normal.

When you make us laugh you smile real big and say, "Roman funny, " when you see someone on tv crying you say , "sad." You amaze me with how much more you are talking. It just happened ,it seems like, overnight. You pretty much repeat everything (keeps me on my toes..ha). You can spell your first and last name, dog and cat. We are working with you on recognizing lower case letters. When you learned them we taught you with uppercase so sometimes you get sorta stumped when we ask you what one is in lowercase. Dad and I are THOSE parents, the ones who sit and brag about their kids and beam when someone compliments you or is amazed with your knowledge. Its because we are so proud of you.

You are artsy....and I LOVE it. Today you painted with me and we definitely started something there. I had to distract you with coloring so I could put my stuff up. You love coloring and drawing, and the first thing you do when we get to Bopa and Nana's is play the piano. You are a little engineer. You like to know how things work. You have a specific way you like things done and if we want peace in this house it better go that specific way : ) Its can be annoying but its also sorta sweet. You play for HOURS with your animals and blocks amd of course your favorite show continues to be Kai lan. For Christmas we got you Ho Ho (a character off Kai lan) and you were so excited when you opened it. we had the video camera set up and it ran out of tape we didn't realize that until after we were done opening gifts. I was sick that we didn't capture your excitement on tape, but I did get some pictures.

Yesterday we brought in a new year and a new decade. I pray that you continue to grow strong and healthy. That you would be kind and loving to those around you. As always I pray that you grow to be a man of God. That you would come to know Him at a young age and know him intimately. I will always pray for wisdom for dad and I as we raise you that we would know how to raise you to be a man of integrity and honor. That purity would be written on your heart and lived out in your actions. When I look at you Roman I know God has BIG plans for you and can't see what those are.

Happy New Year little man. I love you



Anonymous said...

ROMAN, WE LOVE YOU and can't wait to start spending more time with you this next year...i'm so sorry your aunt kara didn't get it together enough to make more time to hang with you and your baby sister and mommy and daddy....please know we love and pray for you and your family always.

Mom said...

Happy New Year, all of you. Stephanie I love these posts where you capture a month. I love reading about Roman's antics and seeing his pictures. You're all so precious.