Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Glorious Day!!!

It was such a beautiful day here today. After it being below freezing for over a week the 50 degree weather made me feel like the kids should be in shorts..ha. it was so nice. I took the kids outside and they LOVED it. Avery sat in her bumbo and everytime the wind would blow she would open her eyes real wide and act excited. It was pretty windy so Ave and I didn't stay out long, but Roman stayed out there off and on for about 2 hours. he needed it bless his heart we have been cooped up for too long. Come quickly Spring...please : )

Before I was a mom the colder months were my favorite...although I don't like to be cold. i just love the coziness of the colder months...the candles and fires, the cute clothes, and all the yummy comfort foods. Now as a mom I'm all about spring and summer. The easy clothes (summer dress, shorts and t-shirts ), flip flops, bbqing. Its so much easier.

You know I actually opt to stay home so I can avoid getting coats on and off. It's so much work to get them in their coats, to the car, in the car, coats off all to get somewhere to do it all over again. Ughh....too much work..its true..sad I know...but so true. Anyways, today was a much needed break from the cold.

Here are some pics from today....

My new favorite. I'm blowing it up for my living room. Aren't they precious? I do think so : )

Miss Avery being all cute

Roman about to throw Midas his ball. See his lion and zebra? My child and his
animals. This year we are doing a safari party...I think. Its a wee bit early to start thinking about it, but when I'm laying in bed at night I do and I've decided that would be a fun party...don't you think?

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Valerie Dykstra said...

You're a child after my own heart regarding the ease of summer versus the inconveniences of winter. The pictures are precious. I keep looking at the gorgeous pictures you sent. I'm so blessed. And yes, a safari party sounds very appropriate. xoxo